Tam Valley Depot DCC Accessory Booster W/Power Supply

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DCC Booster for Accessories and Power Districts

This DCC Booster was designed to solve two issues that putting a lot of DCC accessory decoders on your layout brings up. 1) They are a drain on your precious loco amps and 2) When a loco causes a short all the accessories lose power. To solve this problem we have made a DCC booster that can be used for accessories on any brand of DCC system. It can provide about 5 Amps of power to run the DCC accessories independent of the track power from your command station. During a short on the layout, when the DCC signal dies, the booster continues to deliver full power. This is a so-called "dumb" booster in that it does not need a cab bus - it connects directly to the track output of your existing command station.

You can also use the booster as a "powered circuit breaker". It fills all the functions of a circuit breaker but provides its own power. Each of your power districts puts no load on the command station as it is fully buffered. I use several of these with 16 V power supply which gives about 14.5 Volts on the track to power my own layout with just a single NCE PowerCab.

Auto- shutdown - the unit shuts down after 5 minutes of no DCC signal (accessory mode) or immediately (power district mode). When the DCC signal returns it wakes up immediately. Just plug the booster in and forget about it.

The booster has protection against shorts and overheating. The input is optically isolated.

Efficient - this booster uses the latest in efficient power electronics and as such it does not get hot in normal operation - the power supply is a highly efficient switching power supply that also stays nice and cool. A heatsink is provided although in normal use it never becomes warm unless the track is continuously shorted.

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