Team Digital SIC24AD

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SIC24AD - Signal & Indicator Controller

The SIC24AD (Signal and Indicator Controller) is uniquely suited to control various types of signals and indicators on a layout or a CTC panel. It can be used as a signal controller, to indicate block occupancy and turnout position, and as a grade crossing gate controller with flashing signals. It can be used as a general input/output unit to work with PC software like JMRI. Combinations of some of these features are also possible. The SIC24AD is compatible with many DCC systems* (see below).

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Board size: 2.2" X 4.0"

Control signals on your layout
• Built-in logic for automatically controlling signals using block detection
• Configurable to model many signaling systems
• Computer not required, but can be used with one

Control indicators on your layout or CTC panel
• Block detection
• Turnout status
• Crossing gate and flashers

Provides 24 outputs
• Drives up to eight 3 LED signal heads with common anode or common cathode
• Drives Bi-color LED searchlights with 2 or 3 leads.
• Drives Tortoise™ switch machines for turnout control
• Drives Tortoise™ switch machines for semaphore signal control including the middle yellow aspect.

Provides 8 inputs
• For local turnout control.
• For occupancy sensors
• For turnout feedback sensors

Simple inter-board wiring
• Serial bus reduces system wiring
• Digitrax LocoNet® compatible
• DCC gateway to serial bus

Simple basic setup
• Built-in setup configuration options
• "Smart Programming" in conjunction with self programming

Features differences from old SIC24:
• "Smart Programming" has been greatly improved with additional options for easier setup.
• CVs 1 to 9 have changed to be similar to SRC16.
• Decoder Configuration CV9 has some different options. No option to support Digitrax SE8C.
• Digitrax specific - improved LocoNet® interface resulting in fewer grounding issues with LocoNet®.
• DCC to serial bus gateway option.
• Optionally can be powered from the track (HO scale or smaller).

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